Design Center

There is something very special about opening the door to your custom home after a long day at work. It instantly feels like home, because it truly is your home by design. Every detail was selected to fit your needs, resulting in an immense sensation of both comfort and pride.

Designing your own custom home is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. However, without guidance the process can be time consuming and stressful. At the Heitman Design Center, we take the difficulty out of home customization.

Our Design Coordinator Lisa Priaulx 

The Heitman Design Center

We Get to Know You

At Heitman Custom Homes the design experience starts with you! We take the time to build strong relationships with our customers, which helps us understand your tastes and needs.  That way we can provide the best possible advice through the design process.

Material selection

In our design center we have an extensive library of luxurious materials for your home. Having everything in one place saves you trips to different vendors all over town and allows you to layout all of the samples side by side. You won't have to worry about how well your granite countertops from one vendor will match your cabinets and flooring choices that come from other businesses because everything will be in front of you.

Experienced Staff

Designing a custom home is like building a puzzle, we help to organize the process for you, and make sure that everything fits together. Some combinations of materials look great in a home, others not so much. Figuring that out with small samples can be difficult, so we use our experience and expertise to guide you.